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  • 20% discount Loyalty card all year round

    - Order has to be over £20
    - £10 one of fee to register with instant discount
    - Cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions
    - Cannot be used with set, platter or combi meals
    - Discount is valid via one mobile number
    - Currently order can only be made via phone to verify details
  • Orders over £40 you will receive complimentary box of chocolate from us

    - While stock last
    - Excludes any discounted order such as using vouchers or promotional discount code
    - Chocolate box may change due to its availability
    - This is a free item therefore it has £0.00p value
  • Biriyani with free dhal or veg side

    - With biriyani dhal or veg side dish has £0.00p value, so please do not ask to redeem its price if you do not wish to have it
    - Alternative side dish can be offered at extra cost
  • Discount vouchers or Any Discounts from Ranna

    You cannot combine any two discount together.
    Vouchers cannot be refunded
    Vouchers value in cash 0,0p
    All vouchers do not apply for any discounted meals, such as Set, platter, combi meals
    Ranna discount will NOT be available through third party unless they have there own discount scheme for Ranna
  • Bottle drink size change

    Due to sugar tax, coca cola has decided to reduce its 1.5litre bottle to 1.25litre. But kept the price same to purchase.
    For this reason we have also kept the same price and will be servicing 1.25litre instead of 1.5litre.

    The menu may not reflect this as it was printed November 2017.

    Our new menu will be updated shortly.
    Apology for any inconvenience.